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Time to get off the Blackberry Train

I have to finally admit that it is time to ditch my blackberry phone and move into the next generation of smart phones. The blackberry (mine is a Storm version 1) phones have been left behind by the iPhone, android and now the new Windows Phone 7.

In my view, RIM has rested on their laurels while the the world moved on and created phones that now make a blackberry look antiquated. RIM may continue to be a player in the enterprise, and even in some of the less developed countries in the world, but they missed the boat with OS6 and their handsets are woefully uninteresting.

My next phone will likely be an HTC 7 Surround, as this is the nicest Windows Phone 7 handset available on the Telus Mobility network that I am tied to for the next two years. Hopefully it becomes available soon.

I have already set up my Windows Live ID and exported all of my contacts and calendar from Outlook 2010 into the Live ID. The only grief was having to delete about 100 contacts to get below the 1,500 limit imposed by Windows Live, and some formatting issues, that caused some contacts to continually be copied between my blackberry and the Windows Live upon syncing.

I’ve even ordered a copy of Paul Thurrott’s new book Windows Phone 7 Secrets to make sure I get the most out of this phone.

Anyone want to buy a used Blackberry? It is going cheap.


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