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After One Day…

with my new HTC Surround I can honestly say it is the best phone I have ever used. The activation was extremely easy, and the way it automatically synced with everything in my Live ID was astounding. I simply entered my Live email address and password, and the next thing I know, the phone came to life, adding all of my contacts (over 1,400), my calendar, all my online photos and documents from Skydrive. I then added two more email address, work and my personal address from Shaw Cable.

Navigation between functions is effortless, and after a little juggling around of tiles, I have all of the most used functions at the top of my Start Screen. The phone is incredibly responsive, and far easier to use than my blackberry storm. The version of Office makes reviewing and changing documents a breeze, and OneNote syncs automatically through my Live ID.

The only challenge I have had is that when plugging in to my desktop, the phone isn’t always recognized by Zune software and I have had to turn the phone off and back on, while connected to have Zune see it.

I may have more thoughts later, but this phone truly rocks.


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